Meet Brad & Mike

Welcome From Brad and Mike, we love to be humorous although we take insurance seriously, we rarely take ourselves seriously. We believe in making insurance less scary and more fun.  Think of us as "your guys" insurance superheroes, your save-the-day team, we'll swoop in to make sure you have a policy tailored just for you.  We promise not to hound you, call you, or chase you to enroll. 

Brad Baughman

500 x 500 Brad

Brad started his career in the insurance industry in 2001 and if you are bad at math, then he’s not been doing it as long as Mike!  He grew up in south-central Pennsylvania in the Appalachian Mountains and is rumored to have run the ridges and hollows like a legend.

Rooted in tradition, Brad holds values of self-reliance, hard work, and independence. He is a man of complexity and depth, shaped by the rich tapestry of his Appalachian heritage.

Brad is married to the love of his life from the Apennine Mountains halfway around the world that he met in Florida. He and his family have recently made Plymouth their home and is very involved with both the Plymouth and Northville Chambers of commerce and is an active member of the Professional Disc Golf Association.

Michael Ritter

500x500 Mike

Mike started his career in the insurance industry in 1995 and if you are bad at math, then he’s been doing this for a long time.  He grew up in Ann Arbor, is the youngest of 8 siblings, and could easily write many books on how to listen.

Mike is married to his wife, and they have 3 children.  He and his family have made Plymouth their home for more than 25 years (longer than Brad).

When not with his family, Mike is very involved in the Plymouth community.  Mike has served on multiple boards and has been the Chairperson for both the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce and Plymouth-Canton Educational Foundation.