Specialty Insurance

Find a specialty insurance plan that is right for you and your needs.  

Pet Insurance

Identity Protection

Curious about Fraud, Identity Theft or Online Scams?

No one is immune to identity theft and if it becomes fraud, the effect can be wide-reaching regardless of income, education, or generation. Criminals are using cyber-attacks, digital account takeovers, and social engineering to perpetrate theft and fraud against employers and employees, causing them to have to defend multiple fronts to help secure their critical information and better protect against financial loss and stress. If our personal identifiable information (PII) is exposed, the battle becomes more about preventing fraud.


Tax-Related Theft

The IRS advises taxpayers to file as early as possible to help avoid tax-related identity theft. Learn these common warning signs.

elderly woman on laptop

Elderly Scams & Fraud

Elder fraud is costing seniors billions each year and is not going away. Learn how to better spot three popular scams that target people 60+.

school aged children on tablet

Child ID Theft

The internet can expose children to both virtual and real-world dangers. Learn these 11 tips to help better protect your child.